Piecing together the historical events of one's family and stepping back in time is not an easy feat. I have always been interested in getting to know my ancestors, to know where they came from, what they did, why they chose a certain last name and how they live.I consider the previous generations my rich heritage as they are a reminder of where I come from. True, we can only live in the present, the past is gone and the future is uknown and still remains to be lived, but our past is part of us.Piecing everythig together with documents that were and are hard to get is not simple, the family tree of the Brindisi family, (which has kept the same last name for almost 500 years!) took a lot of hard work and sleuthing.This meticulous job was done by Raffaella Brindisi Setari, who, thanks to her knowledge as a professor of history and armed with the desire to discover and of course, lots of patience, was able to find information all the way back to the year 1663, which is the year of the birth of the progenitor of the family, Thomas.Many families from Southern Italy are not able to track the documents needed to trace the origin of their families, particularly because of the historic and natural events that characterzied our country.The last name Brindisi is derived from the city where they found refuge, probably from Spainaccording to my grandfather Nicola, who used to intertain me on many an afternoon with the stories of different family characters who were prone to adventure, to new experiences and to moving to distant places, and of course, intellectually stimulating.If you are part of the Brindisi family, I encourage you to write to me, perhaps we can get to.

Maria Miriam Brindisi



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